THE PREFACE OF BOOK “A Primer of Commercial English for Indonesia”

“A Primer of Commercial English for Indonesia”
By: DR. H. G. DE MAAR And H. SCHARRINGA (Third Edition)
Sewed f 3,00/Bound f 3,50
J. B. Wolters – Jakarta, Groningen – 1954

This book is designed fo pupils of the “Secondary Comercial Schools” in Indonesia, who have been learning English for two years after their six years of elementary education. It concentrates on teaching Commercial English, because this is the kind of English Indonesians require most for their intercourse with their neighbours in the Pacific and Indian Oceans, viz. Australia, New Zealand, India, Malaya, Burma, Siam, China, Japan, the Philippines and, last but not least, the United States of America. It can be used with all Indonesian pupils, Irrespective of their mother tongue, because the only language used in the book is English. A good deal of attention has been paid to American English.
The book consists of 48 chapters of two pages each. On the left hand pages are given letters, advertisements, comercial documents, forms and circulars representing various aspects of Indonesian business life. Needless to say that most of the names and addresses are purely fictitious. On the right hand pages are given words, terms and idioms based on the material on the left hand pages. Of grammar only such difficulties are treated as occur in the letters and may be deemed necessary for a correct understanding of the text. Of commercial terminology only a small number of essentials are given. Exercises have been added to each chapter.
In addition to thes 48 chapters there are 8 lessons with questions serving as a general repetition of the preceding six chapters and as practice in conversation on business subjects.
The book is intended for class use only. It provides material for two years. Though the work has been carefully graded, teachers are strongly advised not to go through the book too quickly, frequent repetitions and revisions will be necessary.
An active command of Commercial English is not in the first place aimed at, in this initial stage a good passive knowledge of Commercial English must be considered quite sufficient.
The use of two exercise books forms an essential part of the course, one for noting down in two columns all the new words with the translations given by the teacher and one in which letters must be copied, tnslated or written.
The text is enlivened by illustrations, anecdotes and mottoes. It is hoped that the book presents its ifnormation in a lively and stimulating way.
Those who have worked through this book can continue their studies by means of Business English for the Pacific by Dr. H. G. Dee Maar, H. Scharringa and E. Pino (J. B. Wolters, Jakarta).
The fourfold vocabulary at the end of the book will assist pupils of all the nations of Indonesia in reading and translating the letters.
In working through the book in a two years’ course it will also be possible to study the left hand pages in the first year and the right hand pages in the second year. In this case the letters, advertisements, etc. Are to be read, copied, translated or learnt by heart during the first year. In the second year the left hand pages are then repeated and on the right hand pages the idiom, terminology and grammar are studied, the exercises are worked out and the questions answered. This will make the work of the first year easier.
We must gratefully record our thanks to the Rev. R. M. C. S. Tjipto Kusumo and to Frater Amando Rooy, who not only read through the manuscript, but who also compiled help and guidance. Thir criticisms and suggestions at various stages of the work were invaluable.
The Indonesia vocabulary has been thoroughly revised and brought up to date.



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